PowerCore Technology
Donaldson PowerCore air filters are widely known in the heavy-duty market for being reliable, premium products


Advantages to the PowerCore™ Filters

  • Straight-through air flow
  • Less Restriction
  • Increased Capacity
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Shape flexibility
  • Increased system design options
  • Layered media structure
  • Non-metallic


donaldson air filter A Replacement Filters Donaldson air filters deliver long life and reliable engine protection.Oval Primary Air FiltersRound Primary Air FiltersDonaldson Endurance™ RadialSeal Air Primary


donaldson air filter B Air CleanersAs original equipment on most heavy-duty vehicles, Donaldson manufactures air cleaners and air intake systems operating in light, medium and heavy dust environments.Light Dust Operating ConditionsMedium Dust Operating ConditionsHeavy Dust Operating Conditions


donaldson air filter C Pre-CleanersChoose pre-cleaners to greatly extend the life of your air filter.Check ValvesDonaSpinExhaust Ejectors

Full View Pre-Cleaners

In-Line Separator

In-Line Skimmer

Scavenge Hose